Stephen Bradbourne

When I began blowing glass in the early 90’s the hot glass seemed almost alive with a mind of it’s own. It was a struggle to control the hot, liquid material and a battle against gravity to keep it off the floor.
As my skills with hot glass developed so did my interest in what was happening with contemporary glass art overseas and what had happened historically.
Traditional Italian techniques such as Murrine, Mosaic and Twisted Cane immediatly caught my attention because they displayed a total control over the material. Seeing images of this work was a huge influence and I began trying to emulate these styles as best as I could.
In the late 90’s I began working almost exclusively with the Murrine mosaic roll-up technique which has been my main focus and signature style ever since. Over the last couple of years my work has moved away from traditional vessel based shapes to encompass more sculptural and natural forms as the work has become more concerned with the natural environment, the Flora & Fauna that surrounds us in Aotearoa.



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