Ruth Allen

My relationship with the material glass is the catalyst for the design science of my ideas. This symbiotic relationship between maker and material, technique and process allows the physical idea to come to fruition. Focused research has nurtured the scientific, theoretical and conceptual contribution to the development of my expression.
I strive to challenge perceptions of the potential of the medium, grounded in traditional hot glass techniques I choose to work sculpturally and often within an installation context.
The Synergetic Series is strongly influenced by the philosophies of Buckminster Fuller, whose theory of Synergetics was an attempt to create a scientifically based poetics of experience.
I work with natural phenomena, heat, gravity, leverage and the nature of the material. I choose to engage in repetition, reproduction and the singular as well as the interplay between pattern and randomness.
The works are abstracted to resonate on many levels with organic forms, cellular structures and post-modern architectural compositions that proliferate in our natural and built environments.
Large scaled installations of forms combine with lighting effects to bring the phenomena of shadow into play. I enjoy the challenge of engaging the viewer into an inter-dimensional language, by illuminating the four dimensional qualities of glass through its three dimensional shadow cast upon a two dimensional wall plane.





Milford House Galleries