Merryn Jones

Nature, life and loss are consistent themes in my artworks.
The ginkgo leaves “He puna wai e utuhia” are an allegory for tears – exploring the issues of grief, death and decay and the symbolism to be found in the leaf falling and making room for new growth – through to “Loss and Acquisition”, which examines a life lived through the keys in one’s possession. At the end of a life, those keys tell a story of places lived, of interests, give glimpses of what was valued, and perhaps even disclose unwelcome secrets.

Having nursed nearly three decades, I have seen a lot of life and death. Both in my personal life and professionally I have been affected as loved ones cope with illnesses from which they will not recover. End of life is chaotic for all involved. Sorrow can be overwhelming. Some relationships pull closer, some break under the strain. There is no manual on how one should cope or act.
My artistic practice enables me to explore issues of life, death and grief in a way that I hope is graceful and serene, and it is my desire that this serenity is accessible to those who have also felt loss. Glass being a fluid in solid form, is fragile yet multifunctional in its applications, and is the perfect media to express the complexities of life.





Milford Galleries
Queenstown and Dunedin
Form Gallery