Liz Palmer

Palmer works in a wide range of medium dictated by the subject being addressed. Her work reflects her examination of today’s culture from the spread of neo-liberal economies and the resulting alienation of man from his environment, to changing values and the subsequent silencing of critical thought.
Palmers foray in to glass art started with her motivation to record the behaviour of people within our society. Her use of ‘ready made’ material sits well with her growing scepticism of our consumerist way of life. Glass as a material captured her attention in the form of broken glass found in her urban environment. Working with the glass pieces, primarily from broken bottles, she is attempting to negate a wrongdoing – the work stands as a response to the careless action of others. Pieces are selected for their colour and relationship to each other; their ability to form a greater whole. The faceted edges of the glass capture the light and provide a jewel like quality to the work.



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