Karin Urmersbach-Niersbach

I am a Glass Artist with more than 20 years experience. I create functional glass art such as lamps, windows and mirrors.
The glass I use for my work is highly unusual and comes from the US and Germany – such as Youghiogheny, Chicago Art Glass, and Uroborus to name a few. I feel challenged by flat glass, I like to play and tell stories, mainly about nature’s beauty. However – important to me is also giving my art a functional purpose.
My engraving of windows and door panels is a unique approach which I have developed and which sets my work apart from any other glass work. I like to create a photo-negative effect by leaving the image clear and engraving everything around it.



Email: kurvedlines@hotmail.com
Website: www.Kurvedlines.co.nz
73 Otitori Bay Rd, Titirangi, Waitakere City, Auckland
phone: +64(0)9 817 2073


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