Jan Kocian

Glass is my powerful enchantress. It captures the mysteries through time-less techniques.

Captivated by glass and its form, from the moment I watched a glowing vessel emerge from a blazing kiln. In 1996 I completed five years of formal study in traditional glass blowing school in my native Czech Republic, then further developed my skills in various European studios.

I use a variety of techniques, tools, and effects – striving to enhance the optical interaction between glass and light.

I employ handmade tools to sculpt the molten glass and I also like to accentuate some of my work with grinding and cutting. I create texture on my work by adding glass to the surface of some bowls and platters.

Master Czech glassblower Pete Novotny has been a significant influence in my career. The knowledge that Petr imparted has inspired and guided me.



Email: kocianglass@gmail.com
Website: www.kocian.co.nz
Driving Creek Railway , Driving Creek Rd.,
Coromandel , New Zealand
phone: +64(0)7 866 7262
mob:  +64(0)21 0484 088


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