Claudia Borella

From a broad perspective, my work operates on a metaphorical level, exploring the universal boundaries of language and semantics – sign and symbolism that can transcend cultural barriers to create a common dialogue or language.

From this perspective, the work remains unable to be stylistically classified as typically Australian, Italian, Japanese or Pacific, although with certainty the independent philosophies of these cultures continue to influence the personal development of my work.

Working in this way with glass, I aim to emphasise the concept of art without boundaries.



Mobile: +64 (0)21 249 9468


Milford Galleries
Dunedin & Queenstown, New Zealand
Avid Gallery
Wellington, New Zealand
Beaver Galleries
Deakin ACT Australia
Prism Contemporay Art
Chicago, USA
Bullseye Connection Gallery
Portland, Oregan, USA
Koru Contemporary Art
Aberdeen, Hong Kong