Anna van den Nieuwelaar

It is probably without surprise that my inspiration is drawn from life and its natural and sometimes seemingly not so natural patterns and movements.

Researching life and drawing inspiration from the world we live in is expected to raise a diversity of facts. In turn these facts may be translated into a conceptual view, the beginning of an artwork.

Through the years I have found my conceptual view to take shape by strong analytical research, with an emphasis on recognising factors that contribute to a balance.

My final concepts largely consist of universal patterns, ethics and behaviours that transcend borders. These factors are depicted in my pieces predominantly with the use of form, line and value. My heart and sense of place may shine through in the form of shape and or texture.

It is nice to have a process in your life that allows you to feel contentment in a moment. Working on a glass piece does this for me. I hope the contentment and finesse of those moments are visibly apparent in my pieces.


Studio: Studio visits by appointment only.