Conference 2019


We are excited to announce that the next conference will be a joint NZSAG/AUSGLASS conference from the 15th – 17th Feb 2019! The theme for this is ‘Collaboration’, visit the official website, follow us on Facebook, check our blog or read our newsletters for important updates!




Some very talented people are coming to The Colab to share their stories, experience, ideas, expertise and inspiration.  We’re grateful that they’ve agreed to take time from busy schedules, and in many cases travel great distances, to join us in Whanganui.

You’ll see from the list below that we’ll be covering a lot over the conference three-day program: (NB while everyone here is enthusiastic to attend, their participation is dependent on the success of our funding efforts … Keep your fingers crossed!) 




Conference registration is now open!

Entries Closed.
Exhibition to be held from 26 January – 3 March, 2019 at the Sarjeant Gallery’s object-based gallery above the i-SITE at 31 Taupo Quay, Whanganui.