A Collaborative Chandelier for The CoLab Conference

Are you up for;

  • Doing something different?
  • Taking on a challenge?
  • Working with other artists?
  • Adding ‘unique’ to your CV?

To celebrate the theme of collaboration, the Crystal Chain Gang (CCG) has initiated and will facilitate a project to create a collaborative chandelier for The CoLab Conference. This project has been sponsored by New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass (NZSAG), Ausglass, The Sarjeant Gallery and New Zealand Glassworks (NZG).

We would like to invite all NZSAG & Ausglass Members to become collaborative partners in this exciting art project. The vision is to collectively create a dynamic, illuminated work of art glass that will be assembled and then exhibited at the Sarjeant Gallery for The CoLab Conference. The chandelier will be publicly displayed (not for sale).

Chandeliers have been a popular, desirable and enduring decorative object throughout centuries. Their history spans more than eight hundred years. Chandeliers evolved from rock crystal hanging constructions to elaborate cut crystals and ostentatious features for grand palaces which symbolized wealth, luxury and grandeur. Modern society is such that chandeliers are no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. Contemporary chandeliers combine elements of both classic and modern design, which grace the ceilings of current day homes, providing illuminated enchantment for the dwellers within.

We would like artists to think about what a chandelier means to them. Be inspired and interpret this concept with the creation of components, able to be suspended, that reflect this idea from within your own practice.

Please download the information and form here.