New Committee




They are:

  • Carmen Simmonds – President (
  • Stephanie Benge – Treasurer (
  • Lisa Mak – Secretary (
  • Briarlee Rees – Newsletter Editor (
  • Scott Redding – Exhibition and Catalogue Co-ordinator 
  • Philip Stokes – Committee Member
  • Fran Anderton – Committee Member
  • Mark Schafer – Website (
  • Sofia Athineou – Facebook Admin
  • John and Frances Hanson – Easter Show Convenors


We are grateful that Mark Schafer will continue to update members’ portfolios on the NZSAG website, so please email any new images through to him, and Sofia Athineou has offered to stay in charge of our Facebook page.


The new committee is looking forward to an exciting, positive two years and would like to thank all those who have volunteered their time and effort on previous committees.